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Though Currently Hosted at,
This is Starlite Broadcasting, LLC.
Eventually to be moved to

----Starlite Broadcasting originates from Colorado.

----Starlite Broadcasting channels program 24/7.
----Weeknight prime time programs (7PM - 10PM),
----will also be repeated at 1PM to 4PM the following day, every day.

----Our goal is to have the start times
----be the same in all time zones.

----Programs will be as recent as possible.
----First run programs on Starlite America will be added as available.
----This will be done mainly through Barter TV program services.

----Starlite channels is a 50/50 barter service.
----In a 4 Minute commercial break,
----2 Minutes will belong to Starlite.
----The remaining 2 Minutes will belong participating afiliiates.

----Starlite Broadcasting channels will be available to all television outlets.
----This includes:
----Over The Air Affiliates (Preferred)
----Streaming Services - Sling TV, Hulu Live, etc...
----Internet Protocol TV Services (IPTV)
----Cable Companies
----Satellite Broadcasters

----There is no charge to outlets for our service.
----Starlite channels will depend solely on advertisers.
----(as it should be)

----These current sites are hosted here:
----(Page links are in the Navigation Bar)

----KQMH-TV 33 Woodland Park, CO. (Not On The Air) (Breakfast Recipes)

----The sites are currently being worked on
----though a couple are set with the exception of
----getting the addresses corrected so they can be visited.

----Sports Weather USA is ready except a couple pages that are not currently being used.
----I made sure the NFL page was up first due that it's the only sport ongoing during the Holiday season.


Starlite Broadcasting, LLC.

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